About Brian Smith

I am an Antique Furniture Restorer who really cares about the quality of work I do. My passion for wood and antiques has been growing from a young age so it was a natural choice to make this a way of life.

Having been restoring furniture for over 15 years I have been called in to make many different repairs, all of which I have been proud of when completed. This knowledge base means I can tackle most types of restoration with the confidence you will be delighted with the results.

I can work on anything from Dining Table and Chairs to Bookcases and Paneling, from Handrails and Staircases to Windows and Doors. My aim is to bring back a piece to how it looked when it was first made ensuring a sympathetic restoration with as much of its original character intact as possible.

Furniture restoration is a serious business, so please feel reassured by my experience, reputation and that I am fully insured.